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CCCADA Internship Program

The CCCADA interviews applicants for the program on a twice a year basis. Students enrolled in a local college or university can apply to participate in the CCCADA’s Internship Program.

What we offer:

The CCCADA internship program is personalized for each student in an effort to create a professional, informative, educational, hands-on and rewarding experience that merges their own interests, background, education and future career goals that will ultimately allow them to leave their internship with a well-rounded idea of what it means to work in prevention education and the nonprofit sector.

Interns will assist with program development and implementation, data collection, community outreach, and will be offered opportunities, when available, to participate in professional development training and workshops that will serve to enhance their knowledge and skills.

To schedule an interview and find out more about the program, please contact:

Andrea Marshall at

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