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Medication Monitoring with NextGen Precision

Quantitative urine drug testing with LC-MS/MS technology is the established gold standard for clinical medication monitoring used by health care providers across many medical specialties, including addiction treatment and behavioral health.

NextGen Precision Testing was developed to improve clinical data through statistically derived cutoff levels that optimize technological advances in LC-MS/MS, giving healthcare providers the best possible information to improve patient outcomes.

Industry standard drug cutoff levels are not appropriately set to identify a significant number of positive test results. False negatives can result in a missed opportunity to intervene in the case of a missed unexpected positive drug test result or may cause prescribers to doubt patient adherence to a prescribed regimen.

Precision UpNEXT: A Virtual Waiting Room

Precision UpNEXT is a virtual waiting room to treat patients safely and efficiently in person or via telemedicine. The mobile and desktop-friendly platform allows providers to: queue patients by visit status; send customized text messages to patients on demand to notify them when it is their turn to be seen; streamline the check-in process for all in-person and virtual visit types to ensure compliance with social distancing guidelines; allow for proper sanitation between patients for those that require physical visits; allow for drive-thru sample collection for Precision Diagnostics as deemed medically necessary by the treating healthcare professional.

Precision UpNEXT is a tool designed for providers and practices who are: utilizing telemedicine with patients who require medication monitoring with urine drug testing or oral fluid drug testing; experiencing a reduction in the number of patient visits; adjusting workflows to maintain a safe environment for their patients; temporarily closed and determining how to reopen their practice; unsure about their practice’s emergency preparedness plan to manage current or future waves, maintain business continuity, and provide patient care.

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