Youth Resources

Below are a number of resources designed to inform youth about alcohol, tobacco and drug use in addition to resources for parents about talking to their youth about alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.

Underage Drinking: Myths vs Facts

Tips: Tobacco

Tips: E-Cigarettes

Tips: Marijuana

Tips: Heroin

Talk With Your Child About Alcohol & Other Drugs

Tips: Cocaine

Prescription Drugs (teens)

Impaired Driving: Talk With Your Kids

Tips: Meth

Keeping Youth Drug Free

Talking With Your College Bound Young Adult About Alcohol

All resources in the CCCADA, Inc.’s Digital Resource Center were collected using the most reputable information available at the time of publication. The CCCADA, Inc. will continue to update this resource center as staff resources allow. Due to the frequently changing nature of many prevention and community resources, it is possible that the resources on this website do not reflect the most up-to-date information available. The CCCADA, Inc. is not responsible for any issues arising from information updates or discontinued community services.

Resources Last Updated: March 27, 2020

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