Holiday Blog Series: Youth & Alcohol at Holiday Parties

The holidays are a festive time for us to gather with family and friends, reminisce about good times and celebrate the joys in our lives. Oftentimes, these celebrations bring together music, food, gifts and not uncommonly, alcohol. Not coincidentally, youth alcohol use tends to spike in December. Family celebrations bring together all ages, and accordingContinue reading “Holiday Blog Series: Youth & Alcohol at Holiday Parties”

Perspectives: Professional Advisory Committee on Alcohol and Drug Abuse

This past week, CCCADA Intern Aniah attended the Professional Advisory Committee on Alcohol and Drug Abuse (PACADA) meeting. PACADA has been a long standing meeting of professionals to to improve communication and collaboration among the county’s mental health and substance abuse continuum of care. Aniah writes more about her experience at PACADA below: “During theContinue reading “Perspectives: Professional Advisory Committee on Alcohol and Drug Abuse”

Perspectives: Attending VMS Wellness Day

On Tuesday, January 29, Voorhees Middle School invited the Youth Empowered! Program to attend their 2nd Annual Wellness Day. YEP! Program staff were able to work with over 1000+ students in grades 6-8. The YEP! table featured up-to-date resources on the risks of vaping and flavored nicotine, information about addiction, and tips for reducing stressContinue reading “Perspectives: Attending VMS Wellness Day”