Perspectives: Attending VMS Wellness Day

On Tuesday, January 29, Voorhees Middle School invited the Youth Empowered! Program to attend their 2nd Annual Wellness Day. YEP! Program staff were able to work with over 1000+ students in grades 6-8. The YEP! table featured up-to-date resources on the risks of vaping and flavored nicotine, information about addiction, and tips for reducing stress and increasing mindfulness. Youth who visited the YEP! table were invited to participate in the program’s Leadership Poster Activity and consider critical thinking questions about what it means to be a leader.

CCCADA Intern Aniah was one of the staff members who worked with students at Wellness Day. In response to working with the youth and experiencing the event, she said the following:

” The responses from the students were incredible and their involvement in our leadership activity made the experience, for me, phenomenal. Hearing those middle-schoolers respond to our questions in the way that they did made me more enlivened. Health Fairs such as the VMS Wellness Day are important for the youth of the community, as well as the organizations that come out, since they provide a connection between the community members and their available resources.”

Also in attendance at Wellness Day was the Voorhees Police Department, the FBI, Republic Bank, Shop Rite, Oaks Integrated Care, and other organizations representing fitness and wellness.

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